Employment Background Checks and the Law
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The Five Point Background Check, Not Whether You Should, the Issue Today Is The Adequacy of The Background Check

Kroll study on the use of Databases vrs. Accessing County Court Records
What To Look for in a Form I-9 Service Provider

I-9 State Laws

Better Safe Than Sorry: Conservative Approach to Act Interpretation Is Best Bet for Arizona Employers

To Tough To Die

Employment Physicals, a growing trend among both large and small employers

Properly Using Background Checks

Considerations for Drug Testing in the Workplace


Recruiting Trends On-Line Magazine
“For 2008, Seven Free Ideas an Employer Can Implement to Avoid a Bad Hire” December 2007

Recruiting Trends On-Line Magazine
“Are Workers’ Compensation Claims an Issue?” February 2007

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Journal
“The Importance of a Complete Background Check” August 2005

Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners
“Know thy Co-Worker, Thorough Background Checks Create Safer Workplace” November 2004

Hotel, Casino/Resort Security
“Screening Expert: New Laws Make Checks of Terrorists And Other Employees Easier” November 2004

Security Management
“The Cut of His Jib Doesn’t Jibe” September 2004

Workforce Magazine
“Convicted Felons, Please Don’t Apply” May 2004

Church Business
“Catch for Us the Foxes - Even in the Church, Background Checks Are a Necessity” April 2004

Fairfield County Business Journal
“High unemployment spurs need for background checks” February 2004

Nursing Spectrum
“Perfecting the Job Application.” February 2004

Employment Practices Liability Consultant
“Avoiding Disasters in the Hiring Process” An Interview with Barry Nadell, CEO and Founder, InfoLink Screening Services, Spring 2003

Loss Prevention & Security Journal
“Needless Risk- Are you conducting background searches illegally?” June 2003

Los Angeles Daily Journal
“Employee Pending Bills May Amend the Law on Background and Reference Investigations”, August 2002

Hotel Security Report
“Employee Screening Today: The Information is there, But Be Careful How You Use It”, March 2002

Contingency Planning & Management
“Medical Firm Screens Out Human Error”, January 2002

Network News
“Security ABCs Begin with ID”, January 2002

Occupational Health & Safety
“Is Your Corporate Culture On Drugs?”, October 2001

Access Control & Security Systems Integration
“Heightened Hospitality: Hotels Provide Security Among Guests’ Amenities”, June 2001

Security Products Magazine
“Employee Files-Digging Deeper: How Far Should You Go with Background Screening”, May 2001

Parking Magazine
“A Safe Workplace Begins with Safe Hiring”, May 2001

Human Resource Executive Magazine
“Just Say No”, April, 2001

President’s Magazine
“Screening=Long Term Aid To Temporary Hiring”, April 2001

HR Magazine
“Outsourcing Background Checks”, March 2001

Go2SMB Partner Update
“A Safe Workplace Begins with Safe Hiring”, March 2001

Yahoo! Finance
“Dealers who Screen Find Barrel’s Bad Apples”, March 2001

The Northern California Human Resources Association HR Bulletin
“How to Avoid the Employee from Hell-Legally”, February 2001

Woman Motorist
“Dealer Hiring”, February 2001

Human Capital Magazine
“Exterminator Avoids Bite”, January 2001

Mortgage Matters
“Hiring Employees; Know What You Are Getting-Or Getting Into”, November 2000

Western Growers and Shipper Monthly
“Nervous About Making a Hiring Decision? You Should Be”, June 1998

Published by the Security Management
“Timeliness of Records Now Critical”, March 1998, Published by The Society for Industrial Security California Veterinarian

“FTC Flexes Muscles On Consumer Rights Affecting All Employers”, January/February 1998, 
Volume 52, No. 1, Published by the California Veterinary Association

“FTC Flexes Muscles On Consumer Rights Affecting All Employers”, January/February 1998, Published for the Staffing Industry

The Temporary Bulletin
“Pre-Employment Background Screening of Temporary Employees, A Growing Necessity In Reducing Agency Risk”

“Steps to Prevent Hiring The Employee From Hell”

Published as a three part series in 1996-97 by The California Association of Temporary and Staffing Services

The ProEmp Journal
“FTC Flexes Muscles On Consumer Rights Affecting All Employers”, December 1997, Published for Professional Employer Organizations

California Labor & Employment Law Quarterly
“FTC Flexes Muscles On Consumer Rights Affecting All Employers”, Fall 1997, Volume 11, No. Published by the California Bar Association

The National  Parking Association
“Background Screening of Job Applicants”, October 1996, California Association of Health Services At Home

CAHSAH Bulletin
“Pre-Employment Background Screening and Drug Testing”, August 1996

Contemporary Times Published by the National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services
“Steps to Prevent Employee Nightmares”, Summer 1996

Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter
“Asking Job Applicants the Right Questions Can Prevent Headaches Later” June 1996 Viewpoint

In addition, Mr. Nadell has been quoted in various magazines including HR Magazine, Workforce Management, the Los Angeles Times and many other publications.

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Pre-Employment Screening A Must For Employers – July 18, 2005

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Screening Helps Keep Six Flags Theme Parks at its Peak - February 11, 2005

Thorough Background Checks Create Safer Workplace - December 1, 2004

New Book Helps Employers With Background Checks - November 29, 2004

Lies can kill your chances of getting hired - More companies relying on background checks – November 10, 2004

Bosses peek into job-seekers' pasts - October 13, 2004

Resumes getting checked twice - July 18, 2004

Update the resume, skimp on 'padding' - Employers scrutinizing information - June 21, 2004

Check out the checkers - March 16, 2004

Perfecting the Job Application - February 25, 2004

High unemployment spurs need for background checks – February 1, 2004

Background Checks: What Employers Should Know - January 20, 2004

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