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The following services are available:

Preemployment Screening Consulting

Are you convinced you are receiving the correct program of screening searches? Who do you rely on to advise you what search programs you should be requesting from your background screening partner? As an independent private investigator with years of experience, Barry can provide you the peace of mind you need that your screening program is compliant and providing you the critical information you need to make an intelligent hiring decision.

In 1994, Barry formed InfoLink Screening Services, Inc., a preemployment screening company which quickly grew nationally adding thousands of employers to its client list. In 2006, InfoLink was purchased by Kroll, the leading risk mitigation company in the world and Barry was asked to become Kroll’s Senior Vice President. Barry retired from Kroll in December 2007.

Over the years Barry consulted corporations regarding what services they should request when background screening and recommended packages to companies based on employee job requirements.

Now, Barry continues to consult corporations directly with their background screening packages without having any allegiance to any one background screening company. Due to his being independent, he can work with any employer no matter which background screening company they choose to do business with. With total independence, he can recommend the very best program of services for your company and analyze if you are getting the services you expect.

  Expert Witness

Since 1994, Barry Nadell has been the established industry expert on the legal issues surrounding employment background screening. Now Barry has had the pleasure of being able to use his expertise in the laws relating to preemployment background screening and the accepted standards and practices relative to the pre-employment screening industry and companies as an expert witness in litigation.

Barry was the founder and owner of InfoLink Screening Services, Inc., a national background screening firm which performed hundred’s of thousands of background searches from 1994 until he sold the company in 2006. In 2006, he acted as the senior vice president of the background screening division of Kroll (Kroll is one of the largest background screening firms in the nation (www.kroll.com) until his retirement December 31, 2007. He was a founding member and served on the board of directors for four years until April 2008, including serving as co-chairman in 2006, of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). He has written several articles, been interviewed on both television and radio, has spoken at many national conventions for the human resource and security industry including SHRM and ASIS, and has authored the only book soely on the legal issues surrounding background screening (Sleuthing 101, Background Checks and The Law-found on Amazon.com).

Barry has been an expert witness in actions relating to the preemployment screening industry and specifically in background investigations including, but not limited to, criminal searches, credit reports, DMV searches, sex offender register searches, and more. His reports have been used in defense of negligent hiring lawsuits for corporations; however, he can and will serve as an expert witness for individuals. He is well spoken when providing his deposition or in testimony before judges, attorneys, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations.

  Form I-9 Compliance / E-Verify Consulting

In 2005, Barry helped found Form I-9 Compliance, LLC, the leading firm in providing electronic paperless Form I-9’s and the first Designated Agent to the Department of Homeland Security for its E-Verify (formally Basic Pilot) program. He is a respected authority on the necessity of verifying employment eligibility in the United States. If you have questions regarding your I-9 program or whether you should use E-Verify; or, simply need a consultant to train your HR staff in these areas, Barry can be of service.

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